ICSSR Library

The Library of the regional Centre is located in A.C. Joshi library Building, Panjab University Campus, Sector -14, Chandigarh. The Library caters to the needs of Research scholars, Faculty members of the Panjab University and the Social scientist of the North Western region of India. The Library remains open for consultation from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m
Monday to Friday and from 9 a.m to 3 p.m on Saturdays.

There are three sections in the Library. The News clipping/Seminar Section and Books Section, having segregated reading spaces for consulting seminar papers and books, etc for the Research scholars and the main Reading Hall having ample sitting capacity for the Library users.

Services & Facilities

Internet Kiosk

Recently, the two computer units has been set up in the Library for providing free internet access to the research scholars and the faculty members for their research interests in field of social sciences.

Wi-Fi Facilities

The Wi-Fi facilities and Multi-electrical extensions points were provided so that Library users can use their Laptops with free Internet accessibility for their academic activities.

Books, Journals & Research Papers

The library is currently subscribing to Social Science journals, some are of foreign publications and remaining are Indian journals. These include Sage Online Journals in social sciences, which can be accessed by the Research scholars and Faculty members of the University, in the Panjab University Campus and Outside through remote access. Apart from these we have subscribed journals in the field of social sciences in Punjabi language under the budget head : Regional Language journals to promote social science in Punjabi language in the region.

The ICSSR library maintains a vast collection of books in the field of social sciences. In addition ICSSR library serves as the major reference point for scholars in the field of social sciences.

ICSSR Library is a resource centre for numerous research papers in the field of social science. ICSSR Library is subscribing to several dailies in English, Punjabi & Hindi published in the region.

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Back Volumes of Journals

The Library has large collection of bound journals covering different fields of social sciences, since its inception. There is separate area allocated to store the back volumes of journals.

Clipping Files

The library maintains clipping files of the select newspapers in English and Punjabi. The Clipping files pertain to the states falling in the jurisdiction of the Regional Centre and on issues of relevance to the country as a whole. These files cover the relevant and information of some academic value on Economic, Political and Social aspects of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Chandigarh (U.T).

Seminar Papers

The Library has over the years has vast collection of the Seminar titles in various subjects of social sciences, held at various places in the North Western Region of India . These seminars were organized by different Colleges, Institutions, Departments of the Universities of the Region, are sponsored/ financed by ICSSR North Western Regional Centre, Chandigarh.

Reference Service

The Librarian provides the reference services to the Library users i.e. Research Scholars, Faculty members of the Universities and colleges visiting the ICSSR NWRC Library. Dissemination of information, regarding library facilities and services, contents and materials, documents relevant to the Library users.

The document/book processing i.e accessing, labeling, Classification, cataloging are regularly maintained. The subscription of Journals, Reminders for missing journals, Record keeping of subscribed journals are maintained.

Publications of ICSSR NWRC Library

Article Alert List

This service provides details about table of contents of the Online journals (Sage publications) subscribed by ICSSR Library. It enables research scholars and faculty members of social science departments of the University to get familiar with articles published in the recent volumes of the Online Journals through emails.

Social Scientists Database : North Western Region, India

It is a detailed Directory of Social scientists of the region. This initiative is aimed to harness the vast human resources/ intellects in social sciences available in the region for promoting the research activities for the benefit of the Social science academic community and the society.

Indexing Lists

Social Science News Index

It is a quarterly publication based on clipping of news and views of some academic merit in English language newspapers namely the Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Tribune, the Indian Express, The Financial Express and The Economic Times and Samajik Vigyan Khabar Suchi, index is based on clipping files of Punjabi language newspapers. The Suchi is published in the months of April, July, October and January each year, up to 2013.

Social Science Documentation List

This list indexes those social science journals which are not being covered by either the Social Sciences Index or the Guide to Indian Periodical Literature, but are being subscribed by library of the Centre, up to 2012.

Bibliographic Services

The Regional Centre brings out thematic bibliographies in the field of social sciences which are prepared on special occasions like seminars or the themes suggested by the senior social scientists and were compiled from time to time. Subject Index to Seminars : The Regional Centre had been compiled subject index to the Seminar papers presented in the seminars, sponsored, financed and facilitated by our Regional Centre. The Subject Index to seminar papers were compiled from the period 1985-89 and 1990 to 2003 in the year 2006 and 2005, respectively.

Library Personnel Development

Mr.Vinod Sharma, Library Assistant, has been working for last 14 years with the qualification of M.Phil. (Library and Information sciences) with first division and submitted his dissertation entitled “Approach of I.C.S.S.R Regional centre, Chandigarh in promoting social sciences and periodical use pattern of the social scientists”. Master in Library & Information Sciences, M.A. (History) , PG-DCA, PG-M&SM