ICSSR Seminar Complex

The ICSSR-NWRC has been providing the facilities of Conference Rooms to various university departments / State Government Departments / NGOs for holding Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Training Programmes.

There are 3 seminar halls and a big dining hall in the Seminar Complex. The main seminar hall has the capacity of 100 seats. Its equipped with audio – visual facilities and the other two halls have a capacity of 35 seats each.

The complex has 14 air-conditioned(double occupanncy) guest rooms for accommodating scholars and teachers coming to Chandigarh for their academic work.


The charges for the Seminar Room No. 1 (100 seats ), 2 & 3 (35 seats each) for ICSSR Institutes / University Departments / Colleges for academic purposes are Rs. 2000/- Rs. 1000/- & Rs. 700/- per day respectively.

The charges for Guest Rooms for officers of the ICSSR / Invitees of the ICSSR / Faculty members from the University Departments and Research Scholars for academic work are Rs. 200/- per day, for State / Central Government Faculty Members from the Universities/Colleges of the Region for non academic/official work are Rs.300/- per day and for visiting personal work are Rs. 400 per day.