Aims & Objectives

  1. To promote, undertake and sponsor social science research, documentation & bibliographic work in English and Punjabi.
  2. Develop Library Resources for social scientists and subscribe social science journals from India and abroad.
  3. To organize & assist in organizing seminars, workshops, conferences by the Colleges & University Departments.
  4. Arranging Special Lectures by eminent social scientists in their area of specialization and on themes of current interest.
  5. Arranging training programmes on Research Methodology & use of computer Applications in social sciences.
  6. To award study grants to scholars who are pursuing Ph.D in the Region for visiting Libraries & Institutions in India.
  7. To provide facilities for accommodation to scholars & students coming to Chandigarh for research work.
  8. To provide conference halls for holding conferences, workshops, seminars etc.
  9. To take all such measures and undertake such activities as may be found necessary to promote s social sciences in the region.